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You can now text with The Texas Tribune for breaking news, power updates and more

The Texas Tribune is launching a texting service to make it easy for audiences who are relying on their cellular phones to get the latest and most important news.

This launch is particularly urgent as Texans cope with the aftermath of a winter storm that has left millions without power and even more without reliable water access.

To sign up, text “hello” to 512-967-6919, visit this page or enter your details below.

That phone number is working for most readers. But we’ve heard from some who say they’re being sent a link that does not work. We’re troubleshooting this — but in the meantime, you can sign up by filling the form out below.

Here’s what you can expect: breaking news updates about the power outage and ongoing crisis, tips for how to get help (and how to give back) and opportunities to ask our journalists and editors your most urgent questions about the crisis.

We are using a service called Subtext to help us make this happen for our audiences. You can read more about Subtext here. They do not sell user data or phone numbers to advertisers or other third parties

This launch is a beta: We don’t know what this service will look like when this crisis is over, and we will update you when we do. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to talking with our readers more and we hope everyone is staying safe.

We have resources and ways to help or get help here if you’re without power, water or heat, and you can drop us a line at [email protected] if there’s anything we should add to that list. ​

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