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Denver teachers union elects lead strike negotiator as president

Denver teachers union members have elected a new president, their second in the two years since the union went on strike for higher wages and a different pay structure.

Rob Gould served as the union’s lead negotiator during the strike. He’s a special education teacher who works as a peer observer, giving feedback to other teachers. He has been vice president of the union for the past two years.

Gould will replace current Denver Classroom Teachers Association President Tiffany Choi, who was elected in 2019 after the strike. Choi ran for re-election but lost to Gould. The union did not publicly release a vote tally or election participation figures.

Gould said in a statement that being part of the union is a source of pride for him.

“I am prepared to face the many challenges our education system has, such as racial and social inequities, local school board elections, and the aftershock of the COVID pandemic,” he said.

Gould’s three-year term as president is set to begin in June.

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